Executive Committee

Chuck Rosenthal, Owner, Valley Variety and HBCi President 

Ian Solomon, Co-Owner, The Bees Knees and HBCi Vice President

Mary Vaughn Williams, Owner, Hudson Clothier and HBCi Secretary

Peg Patterson, Owner, Dish Hudson and HBCi Treasurer

Alex Petraglia, Digital Marketing & Media Consultant

Carolyn Lawrence, Owner Hudson B&B and Associate at Gary diMauro Real Estate

Danuta Jareka, Skalar Antiques

Elizabeth Moore, The Gilded Owl

Justin Goldman, Bank of Greene County

Kristan Keck, Wm Farmer & Son

Leslie Tapsak, de Marchin

Sherry Jo Williams, Co-Owner, Culture+Commerce Project

Tessy Keller, Co-Owner, TK Home and Garden